What others say.

"This is a book, not just for facts, but for insight and true understanding."

Heinrich Rohrer, Nobel Prize in physics.

"A student who works through this book and the examples will not only learn to think like a physicist, but will also understand the place of physics in our environment, our society, and our intellectual world. The student will appreciate the thoughtful construction of the examples, designed to build understanding and minimize confusion. It would be a pleasure to teach from this book."

Rush Holt, Member of Congress, former physics professor.

"Physics . The First Science demystifies concepts in modern physics with a down-to-earth and accessible approach. It is a text of modest size that ably explains how relevant physics is to today.s life. Students at all levels will find that physics can be accessible and understandable!"

Leon M Lederman, Nobel Prize in physics.

"This book is excellent in many ways and accessible to students with limited mathematical background. It gives insight into the historical evolution of physics with excellent introductions to the basic physics advances, including quantum mechanics. The student is encouraged to learn with many interesting exercises."

Jack Steinberger, Nobel Prize in physics.

"I love that this book is brief and to the point, and that it has a friendly look and feel. If I were a student I.d like this much better than more traditional textbooks.

"Most books overemphasize the mathematical analysis and problem solving at the expense of conceptual understanding. This book properly places primary emphasis on concepts while still including the proper amount of mathematical analysis and algebra-based problems."

Art Hobson, University of Arkansas.

"Students will love it because it will not break their backs or their wallets. Once they get inside it they will find a human voice speaking with clarity, warmth, and elegance. The tone of this book draws the reader in. For the first time I feel that beginning students have an aide other than the teacher to help them learn to think rather than simply to follow recipes."

Glenn Littledale, The Putney School, Putney, Vermont.

"... a paradigm shift in textbooks."

Adam Bierman, TV 30, Princeton, New Jersey.

"I particularly enjoyed the coverage of quantum physics, marveling at the way the book motivates the Schroedinger equation and its meaning. A careful reading of this book will definitely produce a more informed citizen. It is an addition to the physics education literature that needs to be noticed and used."

John Roeder, The Calhoun School, New York City.